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Find out what you should be charging for Rent

by KenGina Team on March 7, 2011

Find out what you should be charging for Rent!

Rentometer 300x226 Find out what you should be charging for RentHave you ever wondered how much you should be charging for rent on your investment property or how much the current rents are in your area?

Well, now you can go online to rentometer, a handy website that you or renters and property owners (i.e. landlords) can use to compare rentals with similar ones in the neighborhood!

The rentometer looks like a car speedometer that compares local rental values (rent to the left of the median is low and to the right is high). It’s extremely simple to use! Just input the four (4) items listed below and “Voila” you have your monthly rent range!

  1. The property address
  2. City, state and zip code
  3. Rent you want or are asking
  4. Number of bedrooms

Just used it to find out if we’re getting the rents we should on our duplex in Bankers Hill . . . . EEK!  We need to raise the rent!!

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