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Is Your Real Estate Agent Marketing Your Home This Way?

by KenGina Team on April 29, 2011

Flip Video – The World’s Simplest Video Camera

One of the neatest little technological break troughs in my opinion has been the Flip Video.


flip Is Your Real Estate Agent Marketing Your Home This Way?

The old way to do video’s was very cumbersome and took forever to get it online and  most people couldn’t afford someone to do it or it was just to much of a hassle.

Flip video has revolutionized how real estate marketing is done.

Yahoo called it the “Worlds Simplest Video Camera

ABC News/Technology Gadget Guide said “this camera could fundamentally change the way we view and interact with people and places around us.”

It comes with a built-in USB connection and software for emailing videos or uploading directly to YouTube, Facebook, even our MLS!

The Flip makes it easy to shoot your own video’s to do:

  • home video previews tours
  • community video tours
  • property updates for a client
  • agent visuals, walk through inspections

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, video is worth 10,000!  Video is powerful!

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