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Mission Hills Town Council 1st Annual BBQ Competition

by KenGina Team on July 7, 2011

Mission Hills 4th of July Celebration

BBQ Pic 300x199 Mission Hills Town Council 1st Annual BBQ CompetitionThe Mission Hills Town Council 4th of July Celebration at Pioneer Park went off without a hitch! The Park filled with neighborhood families and friends who enjoyed the beautiful warm summer weather and fun patriotic festivities.

This year marked the Mission Hills Town Council 1st Annual BBQ Competition! The competition was fierce; however it was the Ascent Real-TORO’s Bar-b-Crew who took home the bacon! Pun intended!

The Ascent Real-TORO’s Bar-b-Crew consisted of our very own Ken Tablang, Gina Barnes, and Tucker Howard; along with Penny Nathan, Betsy Adams, James & Anita Crandal, Zach Mellin, Cecile Riborozo and Nick Rodrigues. It took efforts from the entire crew to pull off the winning BBQ Pork.

What was the secret to the winning pork . . . going “Above and Beyond” said Barnes.

“Our BBQ had amazing color, texture and flavor”, said Howard.

When asked about the preparation that went into the BBQ, Tablang spoke of 48 hours of marinade, dry rub and seasoning prior to smoking, using a combination of aged and soaked fruity woods, low cook temperatures with marinade smoking, hourly basting, steaming the pork, high temperature charring prior to serving, and a team collaboration on the special sauce.

Wow! The trophy sounds well deserved. To all competitors, we will see you next year!

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