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New Principal Appointed at Grant K-8

by KenGina Team on July 14, 2011

New Principal at Grant K-8

Grant K 8 300x145 New Principal Appointed at Grant K 8Grant K-8 in Mission Hills has just received news that the San Diego Unified School District Board has approved the appointment of Donald Craig as the new Principal.

Mr. Craig is a long time district administrator and for the last 4 years has been the Principal at Paradise Hills Elementary School. It is being said that Mr. Craig is interested in creating a harmonious learning environment with a special interest in technology and the Arts.

The parents at Grant K-8 are grateful that this process went so quick and seamless; especially with the recent departure of the previous Principal the last week of school. The parents are thankful to the Interview Panel Representatives and Area Superintendent who made the interview and selection process their top priority.

The School Representatives which include the Staff, PTA Board and Governance Team, will be meeting soon to plan a broader introduction of Principal Craig to the Mission Hills Community.

To understand more about the Mission Hills Community and Grant K-8 call Sabine Steck at 619-248-7853.

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