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Budget Cuts at Grant K-8 School

by KenGina Team on June 21, 2011

“The strength of our school is a testament to the Mission Hills community.” -Grant K-8

Grant K 8 300x145 Budget Cuts at Grant K 8 SchoolWe have all been hearing the buzz about the budget cuts within the San Diego Unified School District, and Grant K-8 isn’t protected from these cuts.

What allows this school to stay successful is the Grant Parents, Neighbors and Teachers, and their tireless efforts to keep enrichment programs such as Music and Science as well as their Librarian at the school.

A fundraising campaign was just brought to a close which raised $100,000 in 100 days to keep the Middle School Music Program, Science Lab Coordinator and the Librarian for next year. This was done through several events, silent auctions, raffle tickets and a donation button on the Grant K-8 website. The students also helped by playing Music for a donation at both the Annual Mission Hills Garden Walk and the Farmers Market.

Our children of the future deserve a full and enriched learning experience. To understand more about the Mission Hills Community and Grant K-8 call Sabine Steck at 619-248-7853.

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