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Mission Hills Wild Green Parrots

by KenGina Team on January 28, 2015

parrots in flight 1 Mission Hills Wild Green Parrots

Have you heard the squawk around town? Perhaps you have seen the flocks of Wild Green Parrots or Red-Crowned Amazon Parrots soaring over the streets of Mission Hills. These green and red beauties have been known to call Point Loma and Ocean Beach their home; have they flown the coup?

What has brought these high flying friends to Mission Hills? They must appreciate the charm and character of our historical neighborhood as much as we do. Have they flown in for their 2015 Mission Hills Historical Calendar? They seem to be repeat offenders at the Meshuggah Shack, and enjoy perching in the surrounding trees. Perhaps they enjoy the savory smells of Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria, Brooklyn Girl, The Huddle and The Patio.

Whatever it is that has drawn these birds to Mission Hills, we welcome them with open arms and wings. If you would like more than a bird’s eye view of Mission Hills, our would like to join the birds in calling Mission Hills home, call or squawk at the local experts at Ascent Real Estate on the corner of Goldfinch and Fort Stockton Drive.

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96e9ca18e518add894828d6f668ae9b3 Mission Hills Wild Green Parrots

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